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No news is good news

20110222 (2011 February 22 Tuesday)

News is bad for us.

What do I mean by the news is bad for us. What I mean is that it un-educates us. All news is bias even if every effort is made to make it balanced. The most important of these biases is not caused by the authors of the news but by the nature of news itself.

What is news? “If a dog bites a man, this is not news. If a man bites a dog, this is news.” So news is, the unusual.

The news is full of rare events. Yes they happen. For the best news channels, they did happen (at least once). But do they happen to us? We can find individuals, if we try, that were involved. We can find a story that we were involved in if we try. We are not involved because this is not what the world is like. And yes you here about events that happen more often like wars, that is because lots of people dying at the same time is also news. So if it is rare and/or lots of people suffer, then it is news.

Now this point of view may seem callous, but it is not. The bad things you see on the news are bad, but you knowing about it will not change them, though your actions may. For your actions to be wise, you need to understand your self and the world. The news will destroy your understanding of the world. If you watch the news, then when you walk home you will take the long way around the park, and be hit by a car. If you do not you will walk through the park, breath the fresh air, and feed the ducks. You will also notice that there are no people, where are they, they are no busy getting run over by cars. At least if you do get killed by a duck it will be in the news.

Both getting an understanding of the world and of yourself is outside the scope of this article, but the news is not it. You will have to try harder. However you can start by not watching/listening to/reading news.

So what will you do? Watch the news, waiting for that day that I am killed by a duck, and you prove me wrong. Or stop watching/listening/reading the news, and enjoy your life.

How to Block news on yahoo email

Add this rule to addblocker plus (a browser plugin):
This blocks a div with id of gx_vnews on the site

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