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Everything [that is a Tag] is a Tags

20111102 (2011 November 02 Wednesday)

For years I was frustrated by web browser book-marks and email folders. They don’t work — not when you have lots of them. I was about to write my own bookmark tool, I did a search and found Delicious that I used for a long time. Then gmail. However I have same problems with them.

  • The protocols need to be open.

    See Earlier post Delicious a Prison. See the rest of this article.

  • If it looks like a tag then it is a tag. Everything is a X pattern (also known as composite).

    There are so many places that use tags now: Web-marks, email, contacts, forums, blogs, etc. But they all use a separate tagging system. (we need open protocols to fix this).

    What is needed.

    • Web sites that displays my tags and bookmarks, to me and the public.
    • Browser integration
    • Ability to configure browser to store on multiple servers of my choice (work/personal/backup)
    • Ability to select server based on tags or uri
    • Ability to host my own bookmarks, at home or work
    • Email client that uses same servers/protocols (emails needs a uri)
    • Email client by default marks bookmarks as private, and email as private, but if bookmark is marked public then email is as well
    • Email client and other clients maintain contacts using same servers/protocols
    • All e-mail is tagged email
    • All contacts are tagged contact
    • All outgoing e-mail is tagged email:outgoing, and all incoming e-mail is tagged email:incomming (all email should have one of these two tags)
    • E-mail also tagged email:drafts, sys:starred, sys:bin, email.spam (we will have to think that is email and what is generic everything else is adhock
    • Bookmarks should be tagged with owning site. site:xxxx. I.e.,,
    • Tags can be tagged
    • Tags can be nested, e.g. C++, Java, Python under programming-languages under programming under computers. This allows the user to just add one label e.g. Java. (note bookmarks are NOT nested.)
    • The local file system should use tagging, the ext file system on gnu/linux supports labels, so we need better client support (not just gui) and integration with this now system so that it works seamlessly. As this system that I describe must support multiple servers this will not be of grate additional complexity.
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