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Dyslexia Correction Diary — introduction

20111103 (2011 November 03 Thursday)

I am Currently coaching my child to help him with his reading, writing and well you will have to read on as I will not over simplify it here.

My son is clever, very clever, yet his reading and writing skills are considerably below average for his age. Why is this?

I believe that it is not because he is stupid, he clearly is not. But because he thinks in a way that is not well suited to reading and writing and then the teachers act in a way that makes it worse. At first a child thinks differently in a way that makes them good at art/science/engineering, but then they meet a well meaning teacher and develop dyslexia.

The use of phonics does not work, as it does not address the issues. I rote foniks [not phonics] beecos I am dislexic not becos I do not under stand fonics. The child well be more frustrated as they are repeating the same boring stuff that they understand, angry as they are making no progress (it does not fix anything), and confused as these techniques get in the way.


I am not going to go into the theory any further. The rest will be diary style, of my personal adventure with my son. Follow it in category education/dyslexia

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  1. Desiree G permalink
    20111106 (2011 November 06 Sunday) 02:06

    There are many, many successful people with Dyslexia – good luck with your son!

    • davesdad permalink
      20111107 (2011 November 07 Monday) 09:03

      Yes. They did not do grate things despite there Dyslexia, but because of it. It is not about overcoming and becoming stronger. No on the contrary, it is a different way of thinking, a more powerful way of thinking, that when confronted my well meaning but ignorant teachers can lead to a disability. A mind that is trained not to use its ability but to ignore it and focus on its weakness. Hopefully we can educate the educators, and one day …

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