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Dyslexia Correction Diary — problems

20111103 (2011 November 03 Thursday)

This entry is about some problems I had and how I solved them.

Child destroying model. I went to do something else, and told child I would be back in 5 minuets and I expected him to make the best model he could by the time I got back.
Child messing about. I realised that this was an avoidance strategy. The child had learnt to do other things until the session timed-out, thus avoiding the activity. I told the child that I was changing my strategy. I would no longer be doing time boxed sessions, instead I would be doing activity boxed sessions. We would do a small activity that should be over in 10-15 minuets, and we would stop when it was finished (even if it took all night).
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  1. Oren Poette permalink
    20130304 (2013 March 04 Monday) 03:03

    An opinion of one of our readers. It is contrary to what I have been saying, but not in the way it suggests.

    I say Dyslexia is a vision related thing (but not a disorder). In fact I suggest that there is enhanced visual processing, that may interact with the way they are tought (in a non visual way).

    I also note that many people that have a view of Dyslexia as a disorder often say “Most people with Dyslexia have normal intelligence, and many have above-average intelligence.”, well we would expect ½ of the average to be above average. What they really meant is “Dyslexics are above average, and we can’t get our heads around this idea, and get it to fit our idea that these people have a disorder”.

    (What I write about may not be true for 100% of people with reading/writing difficulties, but probably most. It is not based on a study of trying to find a problem with the student, but in trying to find a solution with the teacher.)

    Now the unedited comment:

    Developmental reading disorder (DRD), or dyslexia, occurs when there is a problem in areas of the brain that help interpret language. It is not caused by vision problems. The disorder is a specific information processing problem. It does not interfere with one’s ability to think or to understand complex ideas. Most people with DRD have normal intelligence. Many have above-average intelligence.”
    [unrelated link (spam) removed]

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