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What is good food?

20120501 (2012 May 01 Tuesday)

I was talking to someone the other day about healthy eating, what is healthy, what is not. Another friend joined the conversation, and said that people should just eat what ever they like. At first I was annoyed that they where trying to undermine the conversation. But then I released they where right.

Humans have evolved for millions of years ( or where created ), to like food that will be advantages (healthy) to them. However more recently food scientists and marketing people have created food that tastes, looks, smells, sounds, and feels good, even (especially) when it is not good for us.


Forget about nutrition, forget about whether the additive is safe, forget everything you have learned about healthy food.

  • Don’t get your food from a food manufacturer. Get it from a farmer or garden.
  • Don’t eat anything with added colour, flavor, vitamins, sweetener, etc. Food should have its own colour, flavor, vitamins.
  • Don’t eat anything that is over processed. Some foods need chopping and cooking but don’t over do it.
  • Don’t allow others to mess with it to make it taste good, just use good ingredients, cooked well.

All colour, flavor, sweetener etc are bad for you, they fool the brain into thinking the food is healthy, even if consciously you know it is not. (your conscious brain can not win a battle of wills against your unconscious brain.) Therefore all use of colour, flavor, sweetener etc is false advertising / a fraud.

This sums it up “eat food not too much mostly plants” — Michael Pollan

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  1. davesdad permalink*
    20160823 (2016 August 23 Tuesday) 13:36

    This sums it up “eat food not too much mostly plants” — Michael Pollan

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