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Seperators before

20121010 (2012 October 10 Wednesday)

Use when processing test.

When parsing test, it is some times necessary to place separators after each elements, but not after the last one.


At the time you write out the last element you don’t know it is the last one.

We always thing of the separator as after an item. e.g. (new line at end of line, comma after each element except last).

However it is equally valid to think of it as being before e.g. (comma before each element except the first).

When you have a separator between each item but think of the separator as after an item, the last item becomes a special case (no separator after last item). You can make the first item the special case by putting the separator before each item. The first item is easy to predict ( its the first one ).


Put separators before item instead of after.
Initialize separator to its first case exception value, after its first use change it to its normal value.

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