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One day you will die — what inspires you?

20130610 (2013 June 10 Monday)

Don’t be inspired by how short your life is. Instead be inspired by your life being finite (one day it will end). What will you leave behind?

  • Start something, a project, that you will not personally finish.
  • Work on a project you did not start.
  • Work on a project that has no end.

Do not try to make a difference, that way leads to chaos; A negative difference is still a difference. If you aim for a difference you will get what comes easiest, a negative difference (many people do this).

Try to make everything you work on better; Don’t try to fix everything, but if you work on it, then ask how can I make it better. So that the next person to use or work on it will find it less frustrating, and a joy.

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