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Web access not working, but internet is — on “3” ( mobile

20150217 (2015 February 17 Tuesday)

2015 early

My web access stopped working recently, although the rest of the internet services where working ok: ssh, imap, dns, etc. It was affecting all web browsers on the phone, and tethered computer.

So I phoned tech support at They sounded surprised when I told them “web access in broken, but the internet is working”. On the first call we tried many things, mostly to do with the web-client (browser). But then eventually we reset the APN (Access Point Name), this fixed it for a time, but not for long. I ended up having to reset the APN regularly, and often it did not work. The process was something like: power off, reset APN, pray, turn internet off and on again, test, and repeat.


Today I phoned again. After many wrong paths, we tried to delete the APN, but this saw not possible, so we added a new one. This is the configuration we set for the new APN: Name=3 WAP,

So far it is working.

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