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What is a computer virus?

20160901 (2016 September 01 Thursday)
Let me answer what turns out to be a simpler question. What is a virus checker?

Let us imagine that your computer is a house, and it is under attack from criminals. Maybe a little, maybe a lot, just like a normal house.

You decide that you need to secure your house, so you by the most sophisticated intruder detection system. It will photograph, scan, fingerprint, anyone approaching the house. If it recognises a person, and that person is in the criminal records database, then it will not let them in. All other people are allowed in. If the person is wearing gloves and a mask then they are not recognised and are let in. If they have not get been caught, then they are let in.

Alternatively you get a lock, and issue keys to the few people that you want to access your house. You may get a cheap lock or a very good lock. Ever way you probably will not come home to find that your neighbours kid has wandered in, and is sitting watching your TV.
Therefore stop trying to detect viruses, and protect your computer properly.
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