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My Core values

  • To make a possitive difference, and do no harm.

    • Exist to make a positive difference to peoples (customers, workers, public) lives and reduce harm. Make a positive local difference.
    • Be Sustainable
    • Profit is measured in terms of: Personal, Social and Nature. Finance is a means not an end.
  • Workers are key.

    • Work life balance: Money as an aid to giving workers a good standard of living, and continuing to make a positive difference. Be efficient, to increase profit and reduce workload.
    • Reward workers not just with money, but also: time off, training, personal projects, etc.
  • Strive for excellence in everything we do.

    • Produce excellent products: Be the leader in your field. Continue to improve.
    • Remember you are your own customer: Don’t cut corners, you will suffer later, and you will harm you customers.
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